IHF Instructor Courses

For all people interested in completing an Irish Heart Foundation BLS / Heartsaver AED Course :

On Completion of this course, all participants will have obtained the following skills necessary to teach :

  1. Mastery in all of the skills for the courses they teach, including both cognitive skills as well as the psychomotor skills.
  2. Delivery of all IHF certified courses correctly and as outlined in the appropriate instructor manuals, lesson maps and guidelines as issued by the IHF.
  3. Ability to test students effectively.
  4. Maintenance of a high standard of ethics and professionalism when teaching IHF courses.
  5. Management of time, space, materials and paperwork in compliance with the Foundation’s guidelines
All of the above competencies must be maintained by all instructors teaching through the Foundation’s programme.

What certs you must have before completing this training :

Before attending an instructor course all candidates must hold current provider certification in the discipline in which they wish to teach and be proficient in all of the skills of the disciplines they will be instructing.

For the more advanced levels of instructor (i.e. ACLS), instructor candidates must be healthcare professionals who perform the provider skills regularly within their own scope of practice.


How long your certification lasts :

Instructor certification lasts for a period of 2 years and instructors are required to re-certify their status every two years to continue teaching through the programme. Before committing the time and energy to becoming an instructor please consider if you will be able to maintain your instructor status.

How Do I Recertify ?

To re-certify an instructor must teach a minimum of 4 courses and before their current certification lapses their provider skills must be successfully demonstrated, have completed any updates as required (e.g. guidelines updates) and be monitored by a faculty member while teaching a provider course in the relevant discipline in which they are being re-certified.

Please review the following instructor course outlines for specific details for each type of instructor course.