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march, 2019

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01marAll DayManual Handling & Patient Moving01/03/2019Waterford

02marAll Day16First Aid 3 Day Course02/03/2019 , 09/03/2019 and 16/03/2019Sligo

02marAll Day03Irish Heart Foundation Basic Life Support Instructor Course02/03/2019 & 03/03/2019Kilkenny

02marAll Day09First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course02/03/2019 & 09/03/2019Sligo

02marAll Day03Irish Heart Foundation Heartsaver AED Instructor Course02/03/2019 & 03/03/2019Kilkenny

04marAll Day06First Aid 3 Day Course04/03/2019 , 05/03/2019 and 06/03/2019Kilkenny

05marAll DayManual Handling / Patient Moving Course05/03/2019Sligo

07marAll Day21aprFirst Aid 3 Day Course07/03/2019 , 14/03/2019 and 21/03/2019Kilkenny

09marAll Day23First Aid 3 Day Course09/03/2019 , 16/03/2019 and 23/03/2019Sligo

11marAll Day12First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course11/03/2019 & 12/03/2019Sligo

12marAll Day13First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course12/03/2019 and 13/03/2019Kilkenny

20marAll DayOne Day Emergency First Aid Course20/03/2019Sligo

21marAll DayManual Handling / Patient Moving Course21/03/2019Sligo

22marAll Day29First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course22/03/2019 and 29/03/2019Kilkenny

23marAll Day30First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course23/03/2019 & 30/03/2019Sligo

25marAll Day26First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course25/03/2019 and 26/03/2019Kilkenny

26marAll Day29First Aid 3 Day Course26/03/2019 , 27/03/2019 and 29/03/2019Sligo

27marAll DayBasic Life Support (Irish Heart Foundation Certified)27/03/2019 Kilkenny

27marAll Day29First Aid 3 Day Course27/03/2019 , 28/03/2019 and 29/03/2019Kilkenny

28marAll Day29First Aid 2 Day Refresher Course28/03/2019 & 29/03/2019Sligo